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After you get over the chuckles and learn what Better Planet is doing you may just get excited. Better Planet Paper is a member-owned environmental-paper co-op. Their goal is to become the most trusted and responsible “tree friendly” consumer paper brand in North America. Their first product is toilet paper. 

The company seeks to inform humankind about alternative energy sources, organic family farming, and game-changing consumer products. Their pitch is solid. Changing what kind of paper you buy can make a real difference on our small planet. Their rally cry, “Change Your Brands, Change your World.”

The Better Planet Co-op Conceptbetter planet paper

Better Planet offers both a preferred customer program and a distributor program. Whenever a customer or a distributor have referred 3 people their paper is free. The compensation plan is a combination of a binary and a uni-level. 

The Better Planet Paper App!

The company will be introducing a new phone app to connect members and new customers to activities and events. The goal is to connect people and celebrate as a tribe as everyone moves towards a more green and sustainable lifestyle. They plan to have games, contests, rewards and conservation meet-ups.


Better Planet Paper MLMHow to Position Yourself Now

Right now you can sign up free. You will have complete access to the back office. You do not need to put in a credit card or any payment method. Right now leaders are being invited to position themselves before the launch. 

If you’re reading this on your cell phone take a quick look at the picture to the right that shows the drop down menu where you will find the “Join” button to enroll free before you go to the official Better Planet Home Page.

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