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Better Planet Paper Co-op offers a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly paper products. All proudly made in the USA. There are many types of brands to buy at the store, but there are very few that are recycled or sustainable. Even worse many are bleached and detrimental to the environment.  When you support companies that don’t use chemicals you are also helping support predicting the employees of that company that would be subjected to the harmful effects every day. 

Why Better Planet Paper?

National brands are confusing. It’s hard to know what you’re paying for, sheet count, quality and more. Not all paper is equal. Better Planet Paper offer paper with a purpose. Choose reforestation over deforestation! Better Planet plants in the US forest with every order. Become more carbon neutral, help the planet and get free products. 

Best of Better Planet Paper 

Explore, have fun and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can’t wait to hear your Better Planet Paper story. 

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