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Up Close with #BlackLivesMatter
Kenny Wiley & Jonathan Eaton

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Black Lives Matter Show Summary

As the Black Lives Matter movement has grown I found myself not understanding what I was seeing on television. Every report I’ve seen seemed to only promote the opinion of the reporter. After watching hours of news coverage I was still left wondering if the Black Lives Matter a terrorist group as FOX news has reported or is it a social movement similar to the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King?

To find out I wanted to speak to people that are involved or have a knowledge of the movement. I don’t know anyone involved in the Black Lives Matter movement so I reached out to find our listeners guests that could express their view and provide a basic overview of the BLM movement and what it stands for. This show met and exceeded that goal.

Our guests – Kenny Wiley and Joshua Eaton – provided insights and perspectives I haven’t heard anywhere else.

Enjoy the Show!
Chris Tiney


Joshua Eaton

Joshua Eaton on Black Lives MatterJoshua is an independent journalist who covers national security, cyber security, human rights and religion. His writing has appeared in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera America, Salon, GlobalPost and Religion Dispatches. He has also created data-rich, interactive online content for Al Jazeera America, Al Jazeera English and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting.

He holds a master of divinity from Harvard University – were he focused on religion and society and Buddhist studies – and a bachelor of arts from the University of West Georgia. He is originally from Athens, Ga., and now based in the Boston area.

Website: / Article on Black Lives Matter


Kenny Wiley

Kenny Wiley - Black Lives MatterKenny Wiley is a UU World senior editor and director of religious education at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church in Parker, Colorado. His writing has also appeared in the Boston Globe, the Houston Chronicle, and Skyd Magazine.

As an activist and graduate of University of Missouri  he brings a unique perspective not only to the Black Lives Matter movement but also the recent events on campuses across America.

Websites: / Unitarian Universalist Sr. Editor


This is a show that that generated more email than any other. I hope you actually listen to show before sending your opinion on Black Live Matter.



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