Bushman Safari Killed Cecil the Lion

The killing of Cecil the Lion horrified me. When I first heard I wanted to do something. This page is my attempt to do something and I thank you for caring enough to come see what you can do.

Bushman Safaris is the company that led the hunt that killed Cecil the Lion. Cecil was a 13-year-old loved by visitors of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, out of which the hunters lured him with a carcass. He wore a collar placed by scientists at the University of Oxford who have been tracking him since 2008. The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force has already said it was illegal to kill Cecil. The Dentist that killed him, Dr. Palmer, paid more than $50,000 for the hunt. The case is being prosecuted in Zimbabwe and by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

There are things we can do now to put the Bushman Safaris of Zimbabwe out of business and help stop trophy hunting all together. We can make a difference. Please take the actions on this page and share it with others. We can stop the next lion from being killed. To listen to my radio interview the Founder of Keepers of the Wild, Jonathan Kraft discusing trophy hunts and the killing of Cecil – CLICK HERE.

Leave a comment (you can use Facebook) with more ideas on how we can stop trophy hunting. I’ add your suggestions to the page.

1) Facebook

Go to their Facebook page and report them to Facebook for soliciting illegal hunts. Give them a poor rating. The page is full of pictures with them and their clients proudly posing next to their kill.

2) United Airlines

Delta and American have banned shipping animals killed on these trophy hunts. United Airlines has refused to do so. Send an email to them at
Let them know you won’y fly their airline if they don’t change their policy.

3) Vegans Fighting for Cecil on Facebook

We’ll be sharing more about Cecil the Lion on Up Close but you can also connect with other Vegans working to shut down Bushman Safari on Facebook by liking Vegan Friends.

4) White House Petition to Stop Trophy Hunting

In light of Cecil’s murder, we, the people ask President Obama to consider a new law that prohibits trophy hunting businesses like the ‘Bushman Safaris Zimbabwe’ to operate in the United States. Canned ‘hunting’ is cruel and will ensure that endangered species will vanish from our planet. This type of ‘business’ makes money off body parts of living beings , for the depraved enjoyment of some few , and at the expense of the tortured animals, as well as the majority of United States citizens.



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