Gerald Epling

Gerald Epling
Doctor of Cognition and Neuroscience
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Guest Bio

Gerald Epling is an expert in memory formation. He received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Master of Science degree in applied cognition and neuroscience, and Doctor of Philosophy degree in cognition and neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas. Gerald’s work includes research into memory formation, states of consciousness and phenomenal bio-communication. He has 20 years of experience with a wide variety of electronic endeavors including communications, signal detection and exploitation, and optoelectronic instrumentation.

Show Summary

Chris Tinney opened the show by asking Gerald Epling about his research with plants. Epling discussed his work on plants and bio-communication. He’s been able to replicate and extend the experiments of Cleve Backster, measuring the responses of one life form to another. Epling’s experiments showed plants can respond to things that happen to other plants, as well as react to a person that is approaching them. One dracaena in particular responds more to him than other dracaenas when he enters the room, for example. He’s able to tell because of the equipment he hooks up the plants’ leaves  which measures differences in their baseline signals.

Epling was asked about his latest blog post on regarding vortexes and electromagnetic fields. He shared how he is able to measure various fields and how they effect the environment around them.

Epling also shared some of his recent studies of neuroscience and memory. He shared specific ways one can change their consciousnesses. He shared physical exercises that help shift energy. With these excercises he people can actually be happier and choose how they want t feel. He will be releasing more information on his website.

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