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Up Close with Bruce Perlowin
CEO of Hemp Inc

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We first spoke with Bruce Perlowin the CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC symbol HEMP) back in July. You can listen to that show here. This week we circle back and find out the latest on the company which is the first publicly traded company to focus on building and promoting the hemp industry. ‘

This is an interesting time for the industry and Bruce’s perspective is always insightful and informative. He was dubbed the “King of Pot” by the FBI more than two decades ago and the CNBC show Marijuana Inc that featured his life story has been viewed more than 18 million times.  He has since been dubbed the Godfather of Pot Stocks having started the first publicly traded company in the medical marijuana industry, Medical Marijuana Inc. (Symbol MJNA).

In this show, he shares the current state of the legalization movement around industrial hemp. Hemp is not marijuana and cannot get you high. His company Hemp Inc. (Symbol MJNA)  has the largest piece of equipment in North America to process hemp and stands poised to profit as more and more states legalize the production of industrial hemp.  

He has become one of the biggest benefactors to many nonprofits, having made generous donations to Keepers of the Wild, Twilight Brigade, Spread Peace USA, and Patch Adams to build a hospital to name only a few.

On this show, Bruce shares his vision and deep desire to help people and the world around him. His love of business and entrepreneurship comes through but nothing comes through louder than his love of people.

Enjoy the Show!

Links Mentioned on the Show

Hemp Inc

Hemp Inc is the first publicly traded company (OTC symbol HEMP) focused on Industrial Hemp.  They currently sell products, advocate for the industry and have the biggest piece of equipment in North America to process hemp crops. 

Hemp Blue

Hemp Blue is a premium denim brand that makes environmentally friendly clothing for a cause. From their website, “We want to bring back agricultural hemp as a sustainable crop in the USA!” the CEO Robin Lane currently uses premium hemp from the best countries that have the highest quality. When the Hemp Inc processing plant goes live she will get her hemp from them and be the first company to sell hemp jeans made in the USA! This is the Hemp Blue Kickstarter campaign with lots of cool gifts.

Nonprofits Mentioned on The Show

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Education is the key to legalizing Industrial Hemp! 



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