Last night John Oliver took aim at the MLM and Multi-Level Marketing industry. For those of you that missed it I’ve posted both the full interview along with a shorter version with the best 4 minutes for those of you in a hurry.

The Full 30 Minutes on MLM



The Best 4 Minutes from John Oliver’s
Segment on Network Marketing



Millions of would be entrepreneurs join network marketing and MLM companies every day. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at some the biggest and most well known multi-level marketing companies. Companies like Mary Kay, Nu Skin, and Herbalife and others were all on the hot seat as he looked at their sales practices, marketing materials and of course some of the flamboyant CEO’s that run them.

John Oliver states that MLMs may claim to not be pyramid schemes, but operate just like a pyramid scheme and even went on the call them, “fucking awful” . But is this a fair assessment of the industry?

I have been involved in network marketing for more than two decades. I have been on the cover of Networking Times and have served as the CEO for one in the course of my career so obviously I don’t think the entire industry is a scam but I do think there are some issues that the industry needs to address.

Most of the companies he mentioned on the show are older companies and as such have compensation plans that were created many years ago. Most of the companies today – even the older ones – have updated their compensation plans over the years but not with the same freedom a brand new network marketing company enjoys when creating theirs. Most of the MLM and Network Marketing companies today don’t require large purchases to get involved or to qualify for commissions. Companies like Juice Plus, Youngevity and many others allow new distributors to get started for a couple of hundred dollars.

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