Jonathan Budd, CEO of Powur

Powur PBC CEO, Jonathan Budd

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Jonathan Budd, CEO of Powur PBC

Chris TinneyWhen I first heard Jonathan Budd speak about starting a clean energy revolution I wanted to jump out of my seat and shout YES! I knew I had to have him on the show and yes I even started my own personal power grid. It’s been fun!

His new company, Powur Solar is reinventing the energy industry and tackling the world’s biggest problems head on – like climate change. I love not only what his company is doing but the incredible potential it has help help our planet by leading a clean energy revolution. Indeed he is forming a company and gathering a group of people passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and I believe it truly will be become a force for good. His track record shows he most certianly knows how.

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P.S. We didn’t mention on the show but it doesn’t cost anything to
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Powur CEO, Jonathan Budd

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Show Summary

Jonathan Budd shared information about Powur PBC‘s new mobile pp that in partnership with the nation’s largest provider of solar power systems (Solar City) will allow consumers to disconnect from the public power grid and essentially build a new power grid of their own. Budd says Powur Distributors can invite others to join their grid by having them download the app.

Pointing to companies like Airbnb, Uber and Tesla, Budd said, “The biggest opportunities over the past decade have come from companies that have come in and disrupted the current business model and decentralized operations. The current power grid and the public utilities that operate them are ripe to be challenged”. He also said in addition to the new “Personal Powur Gird” mobile app the company would soon be offering other products and services related to renewable energy and reducing ones carbon footprint.

In the hour long interview Budd also shared some of the charitable programs built into the Powur business model. One of those programs includes donating a solar power system and battery to a community or school in need for every megawatt of power sold through their partnership with Solar City and the Give Power Foundation.

Jonathan was passionate in sharing the mission of Powur Solar to help millions of homeowners and businesses adopt clean, renewable solar power and energy efficiency;helping them protect themselves from rising electricity costs and their community from the pollution caused by traditional power sources.To accomplish their mission Powur has partnered with the #1 Solar Company in America, SolarCity.  Solar City amplifies the effect Powur is having by donating a solar power system and battery to a school or community in need for every megawatt of residential solar power they sell through the Give Power Foundation they created.

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