“The Love Principles” with
Oso (Arleen) & Mari (Diane)

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This is one of my favorite shows. In you’ll discover the “Love Principles with Arleen Lorrance (Oso) and Mariamne Paulus (Mari) of the Teleos Institute.As we began discussing the Love Principles we learned more about the famous quote “Be the Change your wish to see in the world” and how Oso had first used that quote in her writings about the Love Principles. You would think that would be big but it got even more exciting from there.

This is a show sure to inspire. After hearing from friends how these two woman had changed their life I invited them to be on the show. You’ll love hearing the story behind “Be the change” and the rest of the Love Principles. They’ve been working together for 40 years and the energy is contagious.

Listen to the show with an open heart. If you do you will receive much. This I know.


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