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O2 Worldwide is one of the easiest programs I have ever worked – offering a call center, leads and a unique product not available anywhere else. I created this page as a way to support my team and make sure you’re connected and getting to most from all the resources available to grow your O2 Worldwide business.

It’s up to you to share our team newsletter with your team. I only have contact information for my personally enrolled Distributors. If you don’t share this page your personally enrolled will never know about it. It’s important you tell them to sign up for it as soon as they have enrolled.

This newsletter is open to free members but is focused on what’s important for to those that have upgraded.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will receive a confirmation email and you must click the
link in that email before you will be added to our distribution list. 

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More O2 Worldwide Team Resources

Facebook Groups

Official Facebook GroupsO2 Worldwide Public Group – Open to everyone including prospects. Do not add your prospects to this group unless they have already enrolled in O2 Worldwide. This is the only way to ensure they do not join using someone else’s link which they may find in the group. This is a great group for YOU to join because you’ll find lots of pictures, videos and information you can copy or share on your own accounts. Make sure when you share anything from the group you change any direct links to O2 Worldwide to your own.    

Private Leadership Group – This is a group for people that are part of our team and have upgraded.  When someone you personally enrolled upgrades you can add them to this group. We share a lot of information on how we’re driving traffic, getting upgrades and enjoying the money we make with O2 Worldwide. Members must be approved by an admin before being added. 

Advertising Co-op & More

O2 Worldwide Co-opTeam Advertising Co-op – This is an advertising co-op being run specifically for our team. Shares in the co-op are $10 and you can purchase as many as you like. Your site is put in rotation with others that have purchased co-op shares. The first one just got underway and we will be reporting results once it’s completed. 

My O2 Worldwide Articles – This is a complete list of everything I have written about O2 Worldwide. You may copy and use anything you like but please remember to change any of my link to your own.  

O2 Worldwide Corporate Resources

Official Training SiteO2 Worldwide Training Site – O2 just released the official training site for Distributors. The goal of this new site is to teach people all over the world how they can start and grow their O2 business. You’ll want to spend some time looking around and exploring as there’s a lot of information and tools.

Chris TinneyWelcome!

When I first discovered O2 Worldwide I was immediately  impressed with the compensation plan and online system. When I learned more about them I confidently joined knowing anyone could duplicate my success with their turnkey system.

I feel really good about O2 Worldwide too. I feel good knowing every purchase is helping provide food for a family in need through Meals for Hope. I feel good enjoying a unique product helping oxygenate my body and I feel really good that after telling a few people about it my product is free and I have some extra cash flow. 

Your Friend,
Chris Tinney
O2 Worldwide Distributor



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