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What is a Peace Garden?

By Tysha Tinney

A Peace Garden is a place where you can focus your energy to send love and light. I first started doing this in 2008 and lots of people started to join in. A lot of my Reiki friends joined, sending Reiki Energy as well. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life-Force-Energy”  Reiki is a System for Channeling that energy to someones for the purpose of healing.

The Peace Garden is a Great tool to use, as a sacred Place to be to receive love, light and Reiki healing energy. You don’t need to be a Reiki Master to send your love and energy to those in the garden or those in need.

fooddrive sizedTraveling on the Peace Tour 

In 2008 when my Husband (Chris) and I first met we wanted to have a Spiritual Practice we could share together. Meditating in the “garden” quickly became our favorite time of day and remains so today. At the time we were traveling in our RV on The Peace Tour and meeting so many awesome people we wanted to find a way we could send them love and light even after we had left their physical presence. That’s when we began painting rocks and infusing them with love and light. The Garden kept growing and growing and growing! We started many more gardens everywhere we went and each one became a vortex of love. Each one helping create a more compassionate world. There is no big or small when it comes to creating a peace garden.

Today many people have used this document to start their own garden and I hope it is of service to you.

Yosemite Peace Garden

Reiki GardenCreating a Reiki Peace Garden….

  • The first step in creating a Reiki Peace Garden is to find a Sacred place in your home/office, or outside. You will be creating a Vortex of love, peace and healing, so it’s important to clear the energy. You can use sage, crystals, energy/Reiki, music/sound, intention or any other clearing tool, to cleanse the space for your garden.
  • The next step is condition your new space by using the Reiki Symbols and other Sacred Symbols. For example if you are creating a Garden outside, choose how large it will be and draw the Sacred Symbols in that space. You are infusing that area with Reiki and love. Creating a Vortex of love and light. If your working with Soil or flowers, infuse them with Reiki. If you are creating an indoor Peace Garden, choose the space and do the same thing, create a Vortex for the Garden by infusing it with Reiki.
  • Once the Space is set up, you can begin adding Special/Sacred items in your Garden. We use lots of Crystals, and statues in our Garden. We play Sacred Reiki Music in our Garden. You can add. Plants, flowers, poems, angels, prayers, or anything that has special meaning to you. The idea is you are creating a place Where you can sit and connect with your spiritual side and everything that makes you feel relaxed and at Peace.

Using water adds a lot. You can use an indoor waterfall for added Serenety.


Reiki GardenPreparing the Rocks…

  • Now that your Sacred Space is set up you are ready to add. the Peace Rocks. Find the Rocks you will be using, you can find a big bag of River rocks in all different sizes at most hardware supply stores.
  • Once you have your Rocks, start out by washing them,  Next Sage them. Then you can add. different essential Oils if you would like. Essential Oils help raise the Vibration of your garden.
  • The next step is to Infuse the Rocks with Reiki Energy and positive vibrations. =)
  • Fabulous, now your Rocks are ready, and your Garden is ready.

Adding Names…

  • The idea of the Reiki Peace Garden is to have a place to come, meditate, let go, and send Energy to the people that have asked for healing and your loved ones. With Reiki we use the Distant Reiki Symbol to send energy. This is a big part of Reiki and helps strenthen your own Reiki. By sending Reiki to those we love, we also receive the beauty of the energy.
  • Your Reiki Garden will be a place to Connect with the energy and give…as well as Receive the energy.
  • Your Reiki Garden can be as small or large or you’d like and it can start out small and continue to grow and grow.
  • Get your Paints ready. Acrylic paint and Fabric Paint works  great because if you are making an outdoor Garden, the paint will hold up in the Rain and snow. Infuse the Paint with Reiki.
  • The next step is creating the First Rock in the Garden. Start with Your self. Each Rock will hold a different energy and be unique because you will be tuning in to each person as you make their Rock.
  •  Now it’s time to add. people you love to your garden, or people that have asked for a rock. Once you have some people you want in your Garden, write their Names down in a sacred Journal, which you can also use as a Reiki Prayer book to send Reiki. Next start on making their Reiki Rock.
  • Tune into the person as you are creating it, adding more love and Reiki to the Rock.
  • Once the Rock is dry, it’s ready to be placed in your Sacred Garden.

Reiki GardeningSending Love and Light to the Garden….

  • You now have a Sacred Space to  Send and Receive Reiki.
  • You can spend time Nurturing your Garden and sending Reiki Energy to everyone in your Garden.
  • When you are away from your Garden you can send positive energy by visualizing the Garden, seeing the Vortex you created and sending the energy down into the Garden. Seeing that energy go to everyone in the Garden for their Highest use and good.

Happy Reiki Gardening. May you harvest and share much peace and love. 

Spread Peace, it Grows! 

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