Podcasting Equipment

My Podcast Equipment

This is all the stuff I bought to do my podcast.

I highly recommend Mackie. I purchased the 8 Channel Mixer. Its compact size makes easy to do my podcast anywhere. Works with Windows 7 & 10 right out of the box. I didn’t need to download any drivers.


The case and the mic clips make this purchase worth the money in my opinion. I’ve tested all these mics for sound quality differences, and they all sounded exactly alike. I have yet to test them on drums. Best mic you’ll find in this price range.

Best cable I’ve found for the price. 

You’re going to want to protect your mixer when you do remote gigs. This bag (just like the mixer) is a great deal. I was impressed with the ultra thick padding and cool design.

Inexpensive, fit well and do the job.

I like this one a lot. It’s pretty sturdy and doesn’t “dip” or “sink”. It stays wherever I set it. The clamp used to grab the table is pretty heavy duty compared to other clamp arms I’ve used. 



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