Powur Distributor Event

Powur Distributors Gather in San Diego

Powur says they will be make big announcements July 29,2016, at their event this weekend in San Diego. Insiders say there will be more money put in the comp plan and the contest in the video below will be released dangling more than $50,000 in prize money to those that help spread the Powur messag in the following months.


Powur in the Right Place at the Right Time

The Distributor event comes at a good time for Powur. Elon Musk the Founder of Solar City recently announced the second part of his “Master Plan” right on the heals of announcing Tesla would be buying Solar City.  Solar City Logo PBCSolarCity is America’s number one full-service solar provider. They have assembled one of the most experienced clean energy project design and installation teams in the world. They currently serve customers in 19 states, plus Washington D.C., and have more than 75 solar centers across America.

Solar City is also Powur’s partner in deliviering Solar Energy for zero down across America. We expect this will open new opportunites that may also be anounced at this weekends events.

Powur PBCPowur PBC Logo

Powur PBC is a new new solar-based network marketing company founded by Jonathan Budd, an industry veteran. He founded the company with the stated goal of, “putting solar panels on 2 million homes by 2025.” and adds, “we’ll pay you $1,000,000,00 to help us do it.” Jonathan is making a big splash in the Network Marketing industry with a new and unique product along with a 20 year residual income paid to Distributors.


Powur PBC & Word-of-Mouth Marketing?


In my radio interview with the CEO of Powur PBC, Jonathan Budd he  said he intended on, “putting solar panels on 2 million homes by 2025.” and added, “we’ll pay you $1,000,000,00 to help us do it.”  Bold statements like that and his impressive track record has attracted top talent.

After my first radio interview with Jonathan Budd I joined Powur. I’ve made about a$1,000 in the past two months by sharing why I’m passionate about people ditching dirty energy for clean, renewable energy with Powur PBC. Customers save money from day one because the payments for the system are normally lower than what their electric bill used to be. This leads a lot of people to say its’s free but it’s more accurate to say “Zero Down Solar”.

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