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Powur Official Join PagePowur PBC & SolarCity Poised to Capitalize
on the Coming Boom in Solar Energy.

Last weeks events could not have been more beneficial to businesses focused on renewable energy.

First, in what supporters are calling a historic achievement, 196 nations attending the COP21 climate meetings in Paris voted to adopt an agreement covering both developed and developing countries. Their respective governments will now need to adopt the deal.

Second, the renewal of the investment tax credit (ITC) for solar and wind projects passed significantly moving energy stocks like SolarCity who saw their market cap grow from four billion to six billion dollars in one day of trading.

After a very vigorous day of trading two companies clearly stood out as being at the forefront of the coming boom in solar. One is a SolarCity which trades under SCTY and the other is a private company attracting a lot if interest from investors, Powur PBC.


The Right Partnership at The Right Time

Solar City Logo PBCSolarCity

SolarCity is America’s number one full-service solar provider. They have assembled one of the most experienced clean energy project design and installation teams in the world. They currently serve customers in 19 states, plus Washington D.C., and have more than 75 solar centers across America.

Their cutomers include tens of thousands of homeowners, more than 400 schools including Stanford University, government agencies such as the U.S. Armed Forces and Department of Homeland Security, and well-known corporate clients, including HP, Intel, Walgreens, Walmart and eBay.

Powur PBCPowur PBC Logo

Powur PBC is a new new solar-based network marketing company founded by Jonathan Budd, an industry veteran. He founded the company with the stated goal of, “putting solar panels on 2 million homes by 2025.” and adds, “we’ll pay you $1,000,000,00 to help us do it.”

With bold statements like that Powur PBC is making a big splash in the Network Marketing industry with a new and very unique product along with a long term residual income that once earned is guaranteed to many years. 


The Future of Solar is Social

Everyone knows and has bought into the power of word of mouth advertising but no industry has benefited more from – or done more research – than the solar industry. So when SolarCity announced their partnership with a new network marketing company called Powur PBC it made perfect sense. The demand for residential solar power is skyrocketing and the majority of those sales are coming from referrals. This fits perfectly in a typical network marketing model.  

Residential, Solar Demand

Powur PBC Demand

For the first time, in 2014, more residential homeowners installed solar than non by non-residential customers. Most companies are still using call centers to generate leads and guide people through the process of a solar installation, however, customer referrals are the #1 source of new sales.   

GTM Research Solar Analyst, Nicole Litvak, said in a recent interview that, “50 percent of all residential solar sales are derived from referrals. That’s almost four times the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s estimated market average of 13 percent. It’s also higher than the next two lead sources (Direct Response at 15 percent and Channel Partners/Events also at 15 percent) combined.”

 There are a lot of reasons solar is sold best when done through ones own social network. Here are a couple of the top reasons. 

Solar is a Movement

When a business can turn its marketing into something that’s not just about the product but also about the values of their customers they can ignite a powerful word-of-mouth movement.

There are millions of consumers that passionately believe in alternative sources of clean, renewable energy. This segment of the market hope to free our country from dependence on dirty coal energy (that pollutes the skies and contributes to climate change) to  clean, renewable energy. Because of this the solar industry has been very effective at turning their customers into unpaid, product ambassadors that often become some of their strongest sales reps.

Many people that do not consider themselves environmentalists often become advocates for solar as they see their neighbors converting and feel a sense of pride as they make the switch.

Powur PBC & Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

To maximize referrals, solar providers and solar lead generation companies are using a variety of strategies to build community awareness, empower influencers and boost recommendations in their warm market. In fact, warm market referrals now account for more than 50% of overall sales. 

The solar sales cycle fits perfectly with the typical network marketing model. In a recent article, the CMO of Sungevity said homeowners often begin evaluating a solar purchase in a very rational fashion. But by the time they make the decision to purchase they become increasingly emotional, something he calls “rational in, emotional out”. He said consumers are most likely to share their experience at three points in time:

  1. When they purchase
  2. When their system is installed
  3. When their system is connected to the utility grid

This plays well in the Powur PBC network marketing model which is designed to help people build their own “Clean Energy Grid” and a generous, residual income at the same time. They provide distributors real time reports on the status of their referrals and real time reporting on their commissions.

In my radio interview with the CEO of Powur PBC, Jonathan Budd he  said he intended on, “putting solar panels on 2 million homes by 2025.” and added, “we’ll pay you $1,000,000,00 to help us do it.”  Bold statements like that and his impressive track record has attracted top talent.

The early adopters that become Powur PBC distributors are positioned to do very well as a whole new generations of green, conscious consumers come of age.  Solar energy is a movement and Powur PBC has capitalized on that be creating a “feel good” opportunity that pays generously and is at the forefront of the green revolution.

After my first radio interview with Jonathan Budd I joined Powur. I’ve made about a$1,000 in the past two months by sharing why I’m passionate about people ditching dirty energy for clean, renewable energy with Powur PBC. Customers save money from day one because the payments for the system are normally lower than what their electric bill used to be. This leads a lot of people to say its’s free but it’s more accurate to say “Zero Down Solar”.

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