Powur: A New Paradigm in Network Marketing


I’ve decided to attend the Powur Launch Event in La Jolla, California. I’m liking what I see in Powur. As a Vegan I have always had a hard time finding network marketing opportunities I could align with – basically I couldn’t find a vegan mlm. Powur’s goal is set to help millions of homeowners and businesses adopt clean, renewable solar power and energy efficiency; protecting themselves from rising electricity costs and the environment from the pollution caused by traditional power sources.  Powur has partnered with the #1 Solar Company in America, Solar City creating  the opportunity for people to create their own personal, “Powur Grid“. 

Powur Launches October 17, 2015

Powur will invite (Get Powur Invite Here) advocates from all over the country to gather in La Jolla, California on October 17. 2015 to officially launch Powur and hold an event for “Powur Advocates”.

In an email sent to Powur Advocates the Jonathan Budd, the CEO of Powur wrote, “We are building a movement with our bare hands. We are building a movement from the GRASSROOTS level that has the ability to change the world”. He also announced some of the thought leaders that will speaking at the event.

Powur Event Speakers

Len Hering – Navy admiral who commanded the entire pacific southwest fleet with an annual budget over $1.4 billion. He received a presidential award for efforts to lead the military in energy efficiency and now is the Executive Director of the Center For Sustainable Energy… a national leading advocacy organization for a sustainable future. Len’s knowledge will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard on sustainable energy & the direction our planet needs to go as one of the military’s highest ranking officials.

Lynne Twist – best selling author, world renowned activist, and ICON in the NGO space. Lynne has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to end world hunger and protect our planet. She speaks on stage with the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Richard Branson, and countless global leaders. Her accolades are too many to list, but guaranteed Lynne has the power to change your life.

Neil Golson – VP Partnership Development at Solar City. He an executive with the largest and most successful solar company today… Neil commands an extensive knowledge of the solar markets, future business trends, current landscape, and more. This talk will blow your mind at where solar is going, and the advantages of being partnered with SolarCity.

Andrew Hewitt – Featured on Forbes, Fast Company, TEDx, and more… Andrew Hewitt is the founder of Game Changers 500. A new list categorizing the most game changing companies on the planet and re-defining success. Andrew will open your eyes to the staggering trends of for-benefit business and show why you are poised to create enormous success by changing the world.

This list of speakers was sent to Puwer Advocates. Becoming a “Powur Advocate” is free but by invitation only until the official launch October 17, 2015. If you would like to request and invitation go here.   If you are already a Powur Advocate or Partner you can get your event ticket here.

Why Powur

Switching from dirty energy to clean, renewable energy is one of the most important things we can do for the planet and for humanity. Consider becoming a Powur Advocate.





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