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I suffered an injury almost two years ago that caused me to become much less active for nearly a year.  I have gained more than 30 pounds! I reached out to my friend “Marty the Motivator” and he shared with me how the diet industry really works and offered to help. I had to invite him on the show. I hope you enjoy it but I also hope what you learn helps free you from the thoughts that may not be serving you in achieving what you want. 

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Guest Bio

Martin Vert is the Founder of iTRUEu.  It was born the day Martin found himself packing a suitcase to go to one more city – to open one more Jenny Craig. He looked back on more than two decades in the diet industry and knew he was done working for the big companies that seemed to have an insatiable need for sales that often outweighed the needs of their customers. He was tired of people being shamed into purchasing thousands of dollars of diet products, food and coaching for programs that at sometimes results, but results that quickly went away once you stopped buying food and following a regimented program.

iTRUEu is different. iTRUEu is is a company (some describe it more like a community) dedicated to helping people make simple changes that result in total lifestyle transformations. In the upcoming iTRUEu eBook Martin says, “I’m that guy who has lost 5000 pounds in my life”. He goes on to share how the diet industry doesn’t have a reason to provide a permanent solution writing, “a lifetime of dieting leaves the diet industry thriving while we’re all left without an answer to our weight problem. The fact is the diet industry spends a lot of money to make sure we blame ourselves and not the diet when we fail or can no longer afford the program. It’s built into the budget!”

Show Summary

Martin Very shared how the diet industry has a vested interest in people failing and how they help perpetuate the cycle of gaining and losing weight. He shared his experience with some of the world biggest diet companies and how they marketed their products.

Martin shared the story Desire (in the video below) and the storied of others that have been participating on the iTRUE pilot program. He shared the iTRUEu vision of bringing people together with social media and personal calls.

Desari as Heard on the Show


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