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When I first discovered Circles a light bulb went off.  I had recently experienced the death of a homeless friend and wondered what long term impact my work on the streets was really having. Circles changed all that. I realized by coming together with others I would be able to have much more impact. Scott shares the miracles that happen when like minded people come together – and in his case start creating circles and lifting people out of poverty!

This show is packed with information. Enjoy.
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Guest Bio

Scott MillerScott Miller began his focus on poverty in the late ‘70s as a volunteer for Catholic Worker in Rochester, N.Y. Since then, he has initiated projects in North America that directly help families and communities address poverty more effectively. After a decade of research and refinement of a program to address poverty head on, Scott founded Circles® USA. He makes his home in Albuquerque, N.M., with his wife Jan. Both have volunteered for years as Circles Allies to families enrolled in Circles. Scott is author of the books, Until It’s Gone: Ending Poverty in our Nation, in our Lifetime and The Circles Story, How Circles Can Help Your Community Find New Ways to Resolve Poverty and Thrive. You can follow him on his blog at

Show Summary

The show opened with Chris Tinney and Scott Miller commenting on the current state of poverty in America. Scott shared how he began as a social worker when he started looking at the fundamental causes of poverty.

Scott shared how many organizations seeking to help work in silo’s and work with money that comes with strings attached. Because the money comes with strings attached they are forced to use it according to the guidelines that came with it rather than more effective longer term solutions.

After decades of research Scott founded Circles USA, an organization that organizing resources to “circle” someone in poverty and help lift them out or poverty, permanently. Scott wet on to share how people in need can get involved as well as how people can volunteer and be part of the Circles USA mission.

The show ended with a discussion of the topics in Scott’s latest book.The Circles Story, How Circles Can Help Your Community Find New Ways to Resolve Poverty and Thrive  and a reminder that more information and links are at the Circles USA website. Scott encouraged people to call and ask they can be part of an existing Circle or bring Circles USA to the their community.

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