Law of Attraction MLM and Network MarketingThe Law of Attraction & Network Marketing

You will create more of whatever you focus on.  Deliberately creating what you want starts with first acknowledging that you’re already a powerful creator and have created everything around you. This article attempts to explain the how the Law of Attractioin applies to Network Marketing and MLM.

Once you understand what a powerful creator you are you can start to create more of what you want.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and building a successful MLM Business you need to start by giving some serious thought to what you want.  Most people don’t get clear about what they REALLY want and without knowing the universe present them with lots of opportunities to get clear about what they “don’t” want if they don’t become clear.

When I talk to a new distributors many say they want to build a big downline so they can enjoy the benefits of being a successful Network Marketer.  What they envision are big checks and lots of people ordering products. That is simply not clear enough.

You need to be crystal clear about what you want if you want to use the “Law of Attraction” to get it. Think about it, would you want a group with thousands of people calling you and complaining every day? I think not. So you aren’t just wanting a big group, you’re wanting something more than that. You’re not ready to create until you know not just that you want a big downline but also what kind of downline you want.

What you want is a group of people passionate about your company and your products. Poeple that want to take action TODAY to change their life. It only takes three or four people like you to get rich in Network Marketing so rather than think about big teams in the future, start by asking yourself who do you want to get rich with RIGHT NOW and be careful about spending time with people that don’t meet that criteria.

I have people that say, “No one on my team is doing anything.” Really, then why are you on the phone with these same people not doing anything – every day?    Don’t focus on the people that don’t “get it”. Spend your time with the people that “get it”

When I ask that person to tell me about someone in other group they like – that takes action – and gets it,  they get excited and tell me about some shining star.  When I ask how often they talk to that shining star that makes them feel good they inmediately know; not enough!

Think about this when you’re doing your business. “Whatever you’re giving your attention to is what you’re attracting more of”.

Law of Attraction MLMLaw of Attraction:
Can we agree if you go out and recruit people looking for a free lunch and don’t want to work, you might just end up with a group of people that don’t want to work?

Even if you don’t enjoy your job now. Learn to love it.  If you focus on not wanting to work you’ll attract people that don’t want to work. So don’t think of yourself as a person waking up every day not wanting to work! The fact is if you didn’t go to work tomorrow you’d fill your day with something else! You’d be golfing. You’d be shopping. You’d be getting together with friends.

So it’s not that you don’t want to do something; it’s that you want more choice about what you do with your life.

Don’t think about your business as one that will provide you a life luxury even if you do nothing. What you should be telling yourself is, “I’m creating a business where I get to choose every part of my involvement. And, as I choose to be involved more and more the money will flow to me more and more abundantly.”

Can you feel the difference in that?

Law of Attraction, Money and Your MLM

Many people have issues around money. Many think there’s never something for nothing. So if you’re talking about your business as a way for people do very little; but eventually get a lot of money for having done very little there’s a disconnect. It doesn’t ring true and they won’t believe it.

In other words, everyone has that part of them that says, “Even if it’s possible, it’s not right.”

What comes to you doesn’t have to be justified, excused or explained. Too many people work way too hard to justify the money that comes to them. If people would just chill out and follow their heart the the money would come much more easily, but they believe there has to be strain and struggle for there to be any payoff. If that’s what you think that is how it will be for you.

So before doing anything become a vibrational match to what you’re wanting.

Give up the feeling you have to justify what comes to you, and say, “I get it because I’m in the flow.”
And when you present your business to others say, “We’re a small group now but we’re making a real difference in peoples lives. We’re getting together with friends, having fun and creating more of what we want together”.

It’s that simple. Get clear about what you want and what you want to create. All of us, including me, haven’t created what we want yet. I will never be done creating!  We’re sharing what were going to create – the lives we’re going to change – so when you talk to others tell them about what you’re creating, not what is. What happens to most people is they think they have to prove things to others by trying to prove it’s already providing all the free time they want or all the money they want when in fact it is not.

And because of that they’re sending out missed signals.
Instead ask your potential business partner and yourself, “What would an extra $500 a month to you mean?”
How would that extra money make you feel?
Ask , “If I had an extra ten thousand dollars this month, what would I do with it?”

Think about what you would pay off and what trips you might take. Would you lease a new car? The point is to get clear about what you’re really doing here. You’re creating THAT life for you and the people you love.Get in the flow! Talk to others about your business and help others blast open the doors of abundance and allow the law of attraction to work in your life.

Yes, it’s true, you might talk to someone you think is totally dropped in, tuned in and turned on and then they go off and do something entirely different! You need to remember their heartfelt dreams might come true in much different ways than you’ve imagined; maybe in ways that have nothing to do with the business that brought you together..

So know that by coming together with others and focusing on what we want together we become more clear and when we become clear the Law of Attraction can deliver even more of what you want.

So have fun, stay in the flow and don’t promote your business by belittling other ways of making a living or your own!

When you say, “That stupid job? You’re working too hard? We’re going to get rid of that job and we’re going to get you to out of there”  creating negative energy and causing them to close your mind and your heart to the flow. You’re closing your valve instead of opening it.

Law of AttractionWhat we should be saying, “Hey, we’re doing alright! In fact, we’re doing great! We’ve managed to attract a great business and supportive friends to us. We’ve opened new avenues to let abundance flow by coming together and without having to give up the other things we’re doing. We can keep doing what we’re doing, while we expand our business. And, in the future, we may choose not to do the job we’re doing now. We’ll have the option.”

Always move towards what feels best. Keep your heart open and above all else make sure you feel good! If you can keep your heart open, while you’re worrying about what somebody else is doing or not doing, you’re a miracle. You can’t do both. So quit worrying about what others are “not doing” and focus on those that are.

If you you’re staying positive while you’re talking about getting rid of a job you hate you’re an anomaly to the Law of Attraction.
Nobody can do that!  You may have heard it said, “It’s not the words you speak. It’s the music you’re playing.” When you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on, when you’re feeling great, people gravitate to you. That’s why many people find their business grows faster in the beginning before they know so much. It’s not the words they’re saying, it’s the music people are hearing as they see them speak about something that makes them so happy.

When they’re new and thinking everyone they knew would join you and go nuts they felt great. Their heart was open. But they started noticing that not all of the people that joined actually did the things they said they would and they start concentrating on them and when they start focusing them and their negative vibration their music stopped.

You see what I’m getting at? Lighten up and have fun! As a professional Network Marketer you’re making a real difference in the world! Know it! Feel it! Allow it to happen!

This is what I know and say, “This is going to work for all of us. It’s small now, but imagine where it can lead! The business model is solid, the product is making a difference in people’s lives and I feel more and more benefit from it the more I participate.”

Focus on what you want and the universe will conspire for your success every day.

Chris Tinney

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