Up Close With Chris Tinney

Meet the Thought Leaders, Trendsetters and Activists Helping Shape the Future

On “Up Close with Chris Tinney I hope to warm your heart and feed your soul with inspiring stories of Social Entrepreneurs, Community Activists, Trendsetters and Thought Leaders making a difference today and helping shape tomorrow. Your suggestions are welcomed.

My guests are socially responsible entrepreneurs, experts in sustainable living, permaculture, simple living and other topics that can help improve your life. I’ll also have guests from nonprofits doing awesome work in their communities and the world.

The worlds most challenging problems could be solved with the difference between what we “can” do and what we “could” do. We can end homelessness in our lifetime.
We can end hunger in our lifetime……. and we will!

“Up Close with Chris Tinney” will air live, Tuesdays at 5 pm pacific on the Voice America Variety Channel starting June 2, 2015. More than 3.5 million listeners tune in to Voice America every month and I’m excited to have this forum for the issues we care about. The show will also be available on iTunes, Google Play and Tuned.

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