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Vegan ActivistMany people really don’t understand what it means to be vegan. It’s not just a diet or a list of rules. It’s a joyous way to live and will give you a feeling of connectedness that you might otherwise never experience. I’ve been vegan for 15 years. That’s me in the picture on the left. Becoming Vegan happened naturally for me as I came to truly understand we are all connected, we are all one and our choices really do matter. This show will connect you with all the best things about being vegan.

Our guest is Jon Camp seen in the picture on the right. He is the Executive Vice President of Vegan Outreach which publishes and distributes informational booklets promoting veganism throughout the world. Jon travels across the US leafleting on behalf of Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College campaign. Vegan Outreach has provided more than 14 million pamphlets that have been handed out all over the world.  Jon (right) has personally handed out over one million booklets at 500 schools, and has mobilized hundreds of others to join the outreach program. That’s Jon leafleting in the picture.


Vegan ActivistThe show opened with Jon sharing about and the work they do. The organization, and it’s volunteers, have handed out over 14 million copies of VO’s powerful pamphlet that describes the realities of commercial farming and it’s effects on animals.

Jon shared some the circumstances surrounding hens commercially raised for eggs and other animals being abused. We also discussed how many other countries don’t allow animal products from the USA to be imported for health and ethical reasons.
We discussed the impact the personal choices we make whether that be to help educate the public or by showing people the benefits of cutting back or eliminating animal products from their diet.

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