I wanted to write a quick not to my friends. As many of you know I’m working full time on my radio show, “Up Close with Chris Tinney” (Voice America).

I have several websites that represent the causes and organizations I’m passionate about. This site – ChrisTinney.com -is where all my new posts will be posted. Volunteers and staff will still join me in posting on the sites I created and the causes I care about I will post my personal stuff here.

To that end I want to explain why I’m vegan. I’ll move some of my other posts over here but it seems appropriate the first post here about Helping Animals be about “Why Vegan”.

There are thousands of Vegan Videos but this is one that really resonates with me. It’s called, “A Life Connected”. It explains how being Vegan just feels better. You feel more connected, you feel healthier and you know you’re part f making a difference. Being Vegan is not a list of rules, its a way of life.

Why Vegan? I hope you invest the 11 minutes required to to watch this video. Even the first 4 minutes may change the way you think.  If you want to ask me , “Why Vegan?” I ask you e you watch this video first.

Why Vegan?

I’m Buddhist. My beliefs are shaped from having done “A Course In Miracles” when I was only 22 years old. In the opening of A Courcse in Miracles it says the course can be summed up as

“Anything real can not be threatened and anything unreal doesn’t exist.
Therein lies the peace of God”.

I know those words to be true. As I meditated and reflected I became drawn to the Eastern religions and settled on Buddhism as system to follow. It was them that I no longer liked the energy of te leather shoes I put on in the morning. It was then I began to feel the energy exchange between myself and others and myself and my environment.

Today, I don’t eat meat. I don’t even perceive it as food. At Spread Peace USA we don’t buy animal products for the homeless although we do accept donations of any kind.  While working to share how many of teh worldd environmental and health challenges could be solved by a Vegan Diet I work to help bring awareness animals are needlessly suffering every day. Many of you havent eard me talk this way on my other sites, Facebook or other social media but I figure, hey, you’re on my blog, yes?

Farm Sanctuary

This is one of the videos I wanted to move first. When Tysha and I traveled with Spread Peace USA it was a lot about rescuing animals our intention was to go out every day and look for people and / or situations where would could help. It was when we arrived in Reno that we met many of our homeless friends and began sharing food but before that what we found many times were animals in need. This is a video of my first visit to the Farm Sanctuary. As you’ll see I had fun. I hope you get a chance to visit an animal sanctuary near you.

I’m no longer on the streets every day but I do hope to inspire thousands of people to action through social media and the radio show. VoiceAmerica just sent me the ratings for the first month and the Executive Producer told me we have the best ratings of any new host in their memory. We had more than 30,000 downloads our first month!

Thanks for your support. Together we will prove there is a place for positive, uplifting conversation on talk radio!

A very Sincere Namaste,




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