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Essential Oil Basics

“Up Close” with Jana Szabo Certified Aroma Therapist.
All About Essential Oils
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Essential Oils

Jana Szabo has always been our go to person for all things essential oils. This was a really fun show for me. I had a great friend on the show, Jana Szabo, and my beautiful wife, Tysha. Essential Oils are a big part of our life. We use them around the house, in the Peace Garden and personally.  Tysha and I are admins an essential oil Facebook group with 9,000 people in it so its a daily topic of conversation even if only online.

Chris Tinney

I hope you enjoy the show.
It was a lot of fun for me.


Jana Szabo, Certified Aroma Therapist & Essential Oils Formulator

Essential Oil AromatherapistJana Szabo founded a retail essential oil company and has consulted with some of the nations largest companies on essential oils. She has created custom essential oil blends for big companies and her private clients. She is also a renowned singer and gives lessons in Washington state and worldwide via Skype.  She has several websites and pages. The best place to start is her facebook page. And yes, feel free to send her a friend request


Links Mentioned on the Show

Video: Using Essential Oils in the Peace Garden


In Closing

This show was a lot of fun for me. I hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any questions about essential oils please contact Jana. She is an Admin on this Essential Oil Group on Facebook.

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