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Like many people, I experienced amazing results when I started using a CBD oil from Hempworx. I have been blessed over the years to meet hundreds of people who have experienced a variety of health benefits by taking hemp-based products, many of them children with epilepsy. For more than two decades I have been involved in the fight to bring awareness to the fact that hemp can help heal the planet and used to replace more than 30,000 consumer products currently being made with unstainable materials and a process that damages the environment. 

How is it that a plant that can feed, clothe and shelter humanity is still illegal in many states?
This 2-minute video explains.

Why Hempworx

Hempworx Distributor

Chris Tinney

Hempworx products are made from hemp, not marijuana. They contain no THC, will not get you high and are 100% legal in all 50 statesFor more than a decade I’ve been on the front lines of the legalization movement working with many of the first publicly traded companies focused on medical marijuana and hemp but I have never seen this sector grow as fast as it is today.

Companies like Hempworx are leading the way and making it hard for legislators to ignore. As consumers experience more and more benefits from hemp-based products they are demanding the repeal of laws originally put in place by the very companies that a hemp-based economy will destroy such as paper and plastic manufacturers.

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Hempworx Best CBD OilHemp Activist is my social media campaign to promote hemp and the healing products of Hempworx. Feel free to explore and learn more about this amazing plant and its unique relationship with humanity. You can get my newsletter, Hemp Activist, at the bottom of this page. Twice a month I send news from the front lines of the movement, the latest research proving the medical benefits of Hemp, Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil, and Hempworx updates. 

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Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp Inc.

This is an interesting time for the industry and Bruce’s perspective is always insightful and informative. He was dubbed the “King of Pot” by the FBI more than two decades ago and the CNBC show Marijuana Inc that featured his life story has been viewed more than 18 million times. He has since been dubbed the Godfather of Pot Stocks having started the first publicly traded company in the medical marijuana industry, Medical Marijuana Inc. (Symbol MJNA) .

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World’s First Hemp Plane

Worlds First Hemp Airplane! Derek Kesek, Founder of Hempearth Creator of the World's First Hemp Plane Start & Stop the Show Below   TuneIn My Thoughts Derek Kesek, CEO, and Founder of Hempearth is doing great things in the world. He's passionate about something and...

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Up Close with Hemp Activist, Anndrea Hermann

 Listen to the Show, Hemp Activist, Anndrea Hermann   iTunes / Tunein (Posted 24 Hours After Live Broadcast) Introduction Anndrea Hermann is a "Super Activist". She first appeared on Up Close earlier this year called, "Hemp Activists and Entrepreneurs" which remains...

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Hemp Actvists & Entreprenuers Up Close

Hemp Special Bruce Perlowin CEO of Hemp Inc & Anndrea Hermann of Industrial Hemp Association Click Play to Hear the Show!       Show Summary The show opens with Chris Tinney giving an update on the current legislation regarding hemp and introducing his two guests:...

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